After Sales Service

At Air Care Systems Pvt.Ltd, we believe that our relationship does not end when you buy our products. It is just the beginning. This has been instrumental in helping us to design of Service pattern We have designed comprehensive maintenance contracts at nominal rates to make sure your experience is long lasting. Therefore, no matter where you are, our heart that cares is never too far from you.

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  Air Care Systems Pvt. Ltd’s Edge

Our service experts, armed with adequate on-site and classroom training are highly qualified to monitor & service air conditioning and refrigeration systems. In fact, we have the pools of qualified to and trained HVAC engineers, All backed by over ten years of expertise in air-conditioning and commercial refrigeration.

  Salient Features

Database management: Our Service is based on the latest technology of logging a service call that automatically registers your service requirements with our office.
Service par excellence: Manpower training programs prompt service vans streamline the service procedure and ensure utmost efficiency.
End-to-End Customer service solution: Our service provides various like Do & Charge, AMC, Retrofits and spares.
Expertise at doorstep: Professional after – sales service are provided at your doorstep, ensuring a hassle free experience.

  Amc Services

We understand to service and maintain your air conditioner is good running condition under Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC).
Tyes of AMC’s :
• Non – Comprehensive AMC contract
• Comprehensive AMC contract (CAMC)

• Non – Comprehensive AMC contract :

Non – CAMC is Two Dry Service during the year and One Wet service in the start of season.
Non – Comprehensive service contract includes only services, where we charge only for the labour, which we have employed at their place maintain the equipments


  • Safety is our first priority.
  • Health and safety is of vital importance in our organization.
  • We take steps to ensure that accidents are prevented, that the workplace is a safe and healthy environment for all staff and all others who may be working there.
  • Every employee has a personal responsibility to contribute to the safety of his or her workplace and to consider the safety of others who may be affected by their failure to do so.
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  • Each employee is given sufficient information and training.
  • To ensure they are able to operate and complete their work safely.
  • To make proper use of all machinery, safety devices and other equipment (including Personal Protective Equipment) provided for their health and safety.
  • We provide all the necessary Safety Tools and Personal Protective Equipments as per job site requirement and training for working on site.
  • In all of our business operations we make efforts to reduce the impact on the environment, maintain safety, and maintain and promote the health of our employees.
  • On a systematic and ongoing basis we provide the education and training needed to carry out EHS activities.
  • We inform Safety Do’s & Don’ts to all employees during Induction Training.

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